Samantha and Ryan

How They Asked

Our photographer, Nicole, originally posted on Instagram that she would be doing photoshoots in Iceland if anyone wanted to go, from CA, flights were only $300 round trip. So I asked my then-boyfriend as a joke if he wanted to go and then he actually really wanted to go. We bought tickets and planned everything until a month before we were supposed to leave we all got emails saying that our flights were canceled. Little did I know that Ryan and Nicole were planning the proposal.

Proposal Ideas Banff, Canada

So Ryan said well, we should still try to go somewhere, and he mentioned Lake Louise, Canada! So we bought our tickets for Canada and then Ryan (being sneaky) told me that I should see if Nicole could still go on a trip with us so when she could still go, I was all excited because our plans were still working out how we wanted! So we were doing photographing all day and then the last location of our adventurous day, we changed into our more formal clothes.

Where to Propose in Banff, Canada

After a few photos, Nicole had us stand back to back, then she told me to take a few steps forward, then she said okay Sam, now I want you to turn around and face Ryan. There he was on his knee and he asked me to be his wife…of course, I said YES! It was the best moment of our lives and Ryan made it just that much more special by planning the proposal for almost 6 months with the photographer. A trip none of us will ever forget.

Special Thanks

Nicole (Kirshner) Foy
 | Photographer