Samantha and Rob

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How We Met

Rob and I met in the early spring of 2014 at our church in Lynchburg, VA. I was talking with a friend that attended the church and the first thing she had told me that morning was that there was a new guy that I needed to date, not meet but date. He sat in the front and I was in the back, typical baptist, and he turned around shortly after the remark was made. Once he did, in my head I was like woah, yeah we’re totally going to date. After the service there was a luncheon and I made sure that I sat at his table with my sister and friends. I made it a point to get to know him and I wanted to make sure that he would remember me. So to do this I included myself in almost every conversation he had, even one where I told him I wrestled, but the only thing I wrestled with was pronouncing his last name… I didn’t think he would ever return to the church so I didn’t get too invested too quick. However, he came back!! So from then on we started our friendship, as well as serving the Lord together, and a year later started dating.

how they asked

It was my college graduation evening when it all happened. However, two days prior Rob had taken me to get my nails done, which was said to be for my upcoming service. On the day of graduation, Rob informed me that he couldn’t make it to our family dinner later due to an army ceremony. When it came time to leave for dinner, my parents mentioned that they were picking where we were going. They chose to go to Heaths Waterfront Grill, which is located on Smiths Mountain Lake. After dinner, my parents mentioned going down to the pier. I was excited because it was absolutely gorgeous and great for taking pictures. When we got out to the one pier, there were tiki torches with bible verses pinned to them with clothes pins, and seashells on the floor of the pier. On the clothes pins were small sayings. I thought everything was from a wedding that was going on until I realized it was Robs handwriting and our sayings. After I read each verse, there was a slideshow of our pictures together with our songs playing in the background. At the end, there was a short clip of my sister, who has been away on a missions trip for almost a year. She was saying how she was so excited and wished that she could’ve been there with me, which touched my heart for sure! Rob then walks out, gets down on one knee and asks me to be his wife. Once I said yes, there were fireworks that went off, just as the sun was setting! All the while there was someone there taking pictures. Huge thanks to my family, and Rob’s friends and how they made this day so incredible for us!