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How We Met

I remember the first time I saw Ricky in 2012. My friend Sam was showing me where she worked and introducing me to her coworkers. Ricky worked with Sam in a coffee/taco shop called Que Nada in Galveston, Texas. Immediately I was asking about Ricky. I knew from the first moment I saw him I wanted to get to know him better. Fortunately, we ended up getting to spend time with each other through Sam. One of the first times we hung out was at a Dave and Busters. Unfortunately, I brought a guy I was talking to at the time. I didn’t realize it at the then, but later down the road, Ricky told me he was bummed I was there with someone else. I’m happy to say I stopped talking to the other guy and started talking to Ricky, which led to us dating, and well, to now. We’re engaged!

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how they asked

Ricky had been planning a big camping trip to Big Bend National Park for a while now. We finally went at the first of the year for about a 5-day trip. We hiked and camped at a few different spots: Croton Springs, Santa Elena Canyon, Mule Ears, and to the South Rim of the Chisos Mountains. The 7-mile hike up the mountain with all of our gear definitely wasn’t easy, but the breathtaking views were well worth the hike. Once we got to our site we set up camp and crashed out pretty early. In the morning we got all packed up and ready to head back down, but before we left Ricky wanted to take a picture with me and the incredible scenery on the edge of the mountain. We got together to take the picture and he turned to me and started talking about the adventure we were on.

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Then as he got down on one knee and presented a beautiful ring, he asked me if I would continue a lifetime of adventures with him as his wife. And of course, nearly in tears, I told him yes! After a long hike down the mountain, sore legs, and sore hips (from sleeping on my sides on the ground) he rented us a room in the Chisos Mountains Lodge for our last night in the park and took me to an amazing dinner with the most stunning view. He made me the happiest woman in the world that day. Everything he did was so authentically Ricky. I couldn’t imagine my life without him. I am beyond excited to be his wife and cannot wait to be able to call him my husband.

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