Samantha and Randy

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How We Met

I met Randy during the fall semester of our junior year of college. It was the first party of the year, and within the first hour, I had bright red jungle juice spilled all over my white pants. As I was trying to clean them, I noticed a few guys doing magic tricks. One of the guys tried to show me a trick and a guy named Randy stopped him and said, “That’s all wrong. Let me show you how it’s really done.” From that moment, I knew there was something different about him. A few months later, Randy and I went on our first date and we have been together ever since.

how they asked

In January 2017, Randy and I booked our dream trip to Italy. We spent months researching cities, booking hotels and organizing excursions. August slowly arrived and Randy and I spent the first few days of our trip exploring the picturesque cities of Florence, Tuscany and Venice. Next, we were headed for Sorrento. After several long days of traveling, Randy and I were both excited to have a few days to relax on the coast. When we arrived to the beautiful Hotel Continental, Randy made dinner reservations at the rooftop restaurant that offered a stunning panoramic view of Sorrento. After checking in, we spent the day relaxing by the pool. Randy asked if we could walk up to the rooftop early to have a drink and take a picture at sunset. Although I was running late (like usual) we still made it just in time to see the sun set. Randy said he wanted to take a picture, so I asked a woman sitting nearby if she could take a photo of us. Randy and I took one photo, and before I knew it, he was on one knee asking me to marry him!

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