Samantha and Rafael

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How We Met

I had just started a new job at Progressive Insurance. A couple of months passed and I discovered I was the only single childless person in the office…which made for GREAT conversation and meeting new friends (sike). My best friend Brooke started her career at Progressive Insurance almost a year prior to me starting mine.

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I had remembered her telling me there was a handsome, bald, tan man that worked there that she thought would be perfect for me, although she didn’t know if he was single or not. A few months into my new role and the mission had started. “Operation is the hot Mexican single” haha Between a mutual friend in the office and Brooke, we found out that this “Rafael” guy was in fact single AND looking. As we all know it is impossible to properly stalk someone in the office without

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As we all know it is impossible to properly stalk someone in the office without use of a good code name, so ours for Rafael was Aladdin….because he was tall, dark, handsome, mysterious….and of course my future Prince Charming. a few more months went by and I had gotten as far as making sure I was in the break room at the same time he was getting his morning coffee, on really good days he would even mumble “hello” .

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Our friend Ashly and Brooke basically exchanged numbers for us until I finally texted him. As it turned out, he was just as awkward as I was! If you have seen the Movie “Anchorman 2” I want you to imagine Brick and Chauny. Okay that may be A LITTLE exaggerated but it gives you an idea of how we interacted at the office.

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We kept our six month relationship a secret until our holiday party. We had decided to go as a couple and joked about it being our “coming out party” No one thought too much of us walking in together until we were selected to play a game on the dance floor. Of course we were partnered up.

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To summarize the game the dj would play a song and every time the music stopped the couple had to take a step closer to their partner. you started off at a 4 square distance and to make a long story short I ended up dancing on the tops of his shoes with his arms around my waist.

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Everyone knew I had a boyfriend, everyone saw how close and comfortable we were being that close, and soon enough everyone put two and two together. We now work side by side….literaly…as in share the same desk.. and we are still as in love as we were at our work holiday party.

how they asked

What began as a day that was suppose to be an early birthday present from my best friend ended up being so much more. My morning (…and past few weeks) was filled with elaborate lies and detailed plans leading up to the most beautiful surprise I’ve ever gotten.

Brooke and I were suppose to get dressed up and go take photos in a park ,since we are soul mates after all, and don’t really have any nice pictures together (we wanted something a little better than the mug shot posters from our old apartment haha) she was going to wear black and I was going to wear white because she’s the ying to my yang…obviously.

She had made reservations at a steakhouse downtown then we were planning on going out after. My mom was picking me up from my house so we could meet Brooke at the park. I had just gotten mom a really nice camera so she was stoked to try it out on our little photo shoot.

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On the way mom says “don’t get mad but we have to make a quick stop by the studio Mary Lorraineneeds me to pin a costume” of course I wasn’t mad. Until she told me to come inside while she did it. Competition classes weren’t over yet. I was over dressed had makeup caked on and the last thing I wanted to do was have my hip hop kids see me look like a painted up clown.

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After throwing a hissy fit in the car I pouted into the studio only to be greeted at the door by miss Mary Lorraine and handed a bouquet of my flowers by miss Zoe. At this point I’m thinking thanks mom you tell me to come in and now I have to work. Haha. It wasn’t until I saw all of my kids lined up decked out in pink that I knew something wasn’t right.

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Mary Lorraine had emailed the kids a week ago asking them to wear pink today so they could shoot a commercial about breast cancer awareness. I was cc’d on the email. Thought it was pretty cool. Didn’t think anything of it. As I walked towards the kids ML says miss Sam we all have our pink on for you today. I couldn’t move. I couldn’t think of any words.

All I could see was a little sea of pink and hear Bruno Mars playing in the back ground. Zoe lead me through a choreographed line of all of the kids I hold so dearly in my heart. Throwing rose petals shaking hoolahhoops and blowing bubbles. I was lead to the back of the room where the studio I teach in is at. I barley saw in the window and my knees locked.

I couldn’t go in. Brooke being at the end of the isle (we had always known that’s where she’d be. At the end of the isle haha) had to push me inside. Only to find my grandparents, coworkers, the friend that set us up!, dancers, and Prime dancers circled around Rafael standing in a suit in the middle of a hundred lights and a heart made of rose pedals.

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I was surrounded by the people I love, in my second home, in the room I’ve taught dance in for the past 7 years (covered in lights and pink paper) and clarity by zedd was playing in the background. If you know me at all you know how absolutely mind blowing this was. I’m crying just reliving it right now haha. So much love and thought and planning was put into this and it was all for me

. Rafael got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.

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I have never in my life been so surprised and felt so loved. I have to admit I’m still in shock and when I woke up this morning I had to look down and make sure my ring was still there and I didn’t just dream everything.

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It was truly something from a fairytale and I can’t thank everyone that helped make it so incredibly special.

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