Samantha and Peter

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How We Met

Neither one of us can tell you exactly when the first time we met was – we had a few friends in common and apparently we had been to many of the same parties, but neither one us remembers ever seeing the other one. Clearly, it was not love-at-first-sight for us! We officially met when we went to a Mets game with a mutual friend and ended up having a little too much fun at McFadden’s after the game. From that day on we would talk every day and try to see each other as often as we could (we both still lived at home). Fast forward to my birthday a few months later at Boardy Barn on Long Island… let’s just say it didn’t end well and to this day is the worst birthday I’ve ever had. After that I really wanted nothing to do with Pete but since we still shared the same group of friends we were in a big group chat together and would see each other occasionally. Eventually, he worked his way back in my good graces and before I knew it we were best friends and talking all day every day. At that point, I had started dating someone else which made Pete realize that he was actually in love with me. He confessed everything to me one night and asked if I wanted to go to dinner that following night “to watch the Rangers in the playoffs” – and we’ve been together ever since!

how they asked

Pete and I were together for almost 3 years when we got engaged – we would always talk about getting married and starting a family together but I didn’t know when or how he was actually going to ask. (He did tell me to send him the exact ring I wanted, what a smart guy ;) ) Last year on a random Tuesday in April I suggested we go to the park near our apartment that Thursday since it was finally getting nice out. He quickly replied, “no let’s go tomorrow!” I didn’t think anything of it so I agreed. (he later told me that was because he didn’t want our engagement anniversary to be on Friday the 13th next year) The next day we get to the park and he makes us sit far away from anyone else, saying he didn’t want to be near crowds. A few minutes later a group of kids come and start playing catch – and Pete is obsessively looking over his shoulder at them saying how he wishes they would go away, meanwhile I’m thinking what’s the big deal? He’s awkwardly quiet and zoned out the entire time which is so unlike him, so I asked him what he was thinking about.

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His response? “Nothing weird, nothing crazy.” At that point, I was like okay weirdo and kept drinking my wine. When he finally opens his mouth to say something, he says “We’ve come full circle, haven’t we? We came to this park when we first looked at our apartment, we came when we signed the lease, and now here we are…” to which I responded, “Ok seriously why are you acting so weird??” Finally, as if it happened in slow motion, I see him reach into the bag he brought and pull something out, while at the same time saying “Hey, I’ve got a question that I’ve been meaning to ask you for a while now.. will you marry me?” He opens the box and it’s upside down, so between me saying “OH MY GOD WHAT ARE YOU DOING” I manage to tell him the box is upside down. After saying oh sh*t, he flips it over and asks me again. I must have asked him 20 times if he was joking and if this was for real until finally, he was like SAM would you please just say yes already? Obviously, I said yes and it was the easiest YES I’ve ever said in my life :)

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