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How We Met

I met my fiancé 5 years ago in Cincinnati, Ohio- at work of all places! Patrick had recently moved from Georgia so his southern charm was so foreign and refreshing to me. I felt an instant attraction, which I thought was mutual, but it turns out he thought we were just happy hour buddies. We would frequent a local bar for drinks where we became sort of regulars at, and everyone at the bar BUT him knew I was interested in him! Now we look back and laugh and he says, “I never thought someone like you would be interested in me.” He had to of been blind to not see my many failed attempts! It took a month, and many drinks later, to build the courage to tell him I liked him but it all paid off! It’s funny how juvenile it all seems now but those happy hours are still some of my fondest memories.

how they asked

We relocated to Florida three years ago, but Cincinnati has always been a special place for us to return to together because I grew up there and it is where we met. This January we went back to attend a wedding and I ended up getting my very own dream proposal!

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My fiancé was planning on proposing on a bridge that overlooks the Ohio River, but with 9 degree weather he had to scramble to make new plans- he knows me too well to know I wouldn’t go for a casual stroll when it is that cold! Instead, the plan was to go downtown to meet my family for dinner. On our way to the restaurant we had to cross through Fountain Square in the heart of the city. He asked to stop for a quick picture in front of the fountain and the next thing I knew he was on his knee! I have never been so shocked in my life! Every detail was truly perfect- from being surrounded by Christmas lights in the heart of my hometown to my very own sister secretly capturing such a sweet moment in my life, I couldn’t have imagined a better proposal!

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