Samantha and Patrick

How We Met

Patrick and I first met in college in 2011. I worked as the student athletic trainer for the football team studying Physical Therapy and he was the star Safety studying Civil Engineering. We ran in the same circles and both had eyes for one another, but never made our move. We graduated 3 years later in 2014 and went our separate ways.

Patrick got a job in Arizona and I went to Physical Therapy School in Colorado. We were completely out of touch and living separate lives.

Patrick decided to go back to school to pursue a graduate degree and ended up back at our Alma Mater. Patrick had just finished his Master’s in Civil Engineering and was continuing on with his Doctoral degree when I graduated Physical Therapy School and had just accepted my first job back in our college town in South Dakota at the local hospital.

how they asked

On March 4th, 2017, my cousin happened to be getting married in the Colorado Mountains the same weekend Patrick was skiing in the area, 3 days before my scheduled move back to South Dakota. My mother’s friend, who was new to the Colorado mountains, was wondering what the kids these days were doing to approach the dating scene. I opened my long forgotten Bumble app to walk her through this new method of meeting people when I saw a photo of a blue-eyed man with long hair and a handsome husky and immediately swiped right. We matched that night and began talking.

Where to Propose in Mohawk Lakes Trail, Breckenridge, Colorado

It should be mentioned that when Patrick and I first met, he always had a short, clean-cut hairstyle and was in the middle of his athletic career. He had a thick neck and had about 20 pounds of extra muscle. The man I matched with had long hair and a beard and was very fit, but leaned out a lot. Beyond his photos, all I had to go off of was a first name and age. His profile did not mention our school and we matched in a town that we didn’t expect to have in common and in which neither of us were residents.

After a day and a half of talking, I noticed Patrick’s location on the App was changing and the locations matched up with my well known drive from Colorado to South Dakota. I asked him if he was headed to my college town (Rapid City, SD) and he said he was a student there. After a few questions were exchanged, we found out that we knew who one another were. Even more ironically, I was moving back to our college town where he was living in only 3 days. Talk about fate!

Proposal Ideas Mohawk Lakes Trail, Breckenridge, Colorado

Patrick helped me move in that Tuesday and we were dating by the following Sunday. We both knew only a couple months in that this was it. Everyone always had said, ‘when you know, you know.’ And ‘it will happen when you least expect it.’ I never believed either of those statements before, but when I met Patrick, I realized it couldn’t be more true.

We moved in together after 10 months, and at 13 months Patrick accepted a job in Colorado and made the move. I followed a month later, but the day I moved to Colorado, Patrick was sent to Florida for a 3-month work assignment. We spent 4 months apart and decided to celebrate our reunion with a weekend retreat with my best friend and her fiancé and Patrick’s older brother and his sister in law.

They all flew out to join us in Colorado and we spent a weekend in the mountains exploring. We went on a hike near Breckenridge. Patrick’s sister in law is a professional photographer and had us posing for photos all weekend. I thought nothing of it when she asked me to face the mountains across the lake for a shot. I heard the camera clicking away, but a sound on the gravel behind me caught my attention and I turned to find Patrick on one knee holding a ring box handmade from a tree branch, from my family’s ranch, asking me to be his wife. Without hesitation, I shouted ‘I knew it!’ Followed by a very enthusiastic, ‘Yes!’

Our husky had made the hike with us wearing his hiking pack which, to my surprise, was filled with mini bottles of champagne. So there we were, after 17 months of memories, surrounded by the most beautiful scenery, with our best friends and dog, popping bottles of champagne and we were engaged! I couldn’t have imagined a more beautiful, perfect, fitting proposal and can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with my best friend.

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Jill Shaw
Jill Shaw