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How We Met

Pat and I met in university 6.5 years ago! I am not one to believe in fate but the timing for us to meet could not have been better, a week sooner or a week later and things may have been much different. The craziest part of it is that he was actually my roommates best guy friend! In September of 2011, I moved to St. John’s, Newfoundland from my small hometown of Rose Blanche, Newfoundland for the university, and I decided it would be fun to move into a shared home with some random roommates to help me meet some new people. One of those roommates (T-Lynn) turned out to be totally awesome and we quickly became great friends.

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All I knew was that Tlynn had this guy friend named Pat that would come over to watch movies and would sometimes sleepover, but after three months of living together I still hadn’t met Pat and I would refer to him as the “mystery” shoes in the porch. You would think that in all that time we would have met at some point, crossing paths in the kitchen, leaving the house at the same time or something like that but it was actually through something completely different.

In mid-November, I was wrapping up a late shift at Walmart when one of my guy friends invited me and “all of my girlfriends” to a party where they were celebrating their ball hockey championship win! So with it being super late I made my way home and asked Tlynn if she wanted to go to this party, no time to round up any of the other girls! Surprisingly Tlynn had just dropped Pat off at this same party a few hours earlier, so we got ready and off we went!

We were barely through the door when this guy runs out with sunglasses on and black stained lips from a little too much Jagermeister, just super excited and surprised that Terrilynn was at the party, yes this guy was Pat (a great first impression LOL).

The next day I had a Facebook friend invite from Pat and I let it sit there for a little bit and so Pat had messaged Tlynn asking her to convince me to add him, so I did (best decision ever). We started chatting and then within a couple of days, we got together at the library to study. It’s crazy to think that I can still remember exactly what Pat was wearing and how nervous I felt meeting up with him for the first time! We had a great night making nerdy jokes and getting to know each other and when we finished studying Pat offered to drive me across campus to my car, so he pulls up with some Michael Buble Christmas music playing… real smooth!

We started hanging out as much as possible knowing that in just a couple of weeks Pat had to go away for a work term for 4 months to Calgary, Alberta. Within the short amount of time, I was head of heels and was so heartbroken knowing he had to leave. We promised to keep in touch and get together when he got back. We parted ways for Christmas break, talked every day and then on January 9th with there being over 3000 kilometers between us he asked me to be his girlfriend and without any doubt, in my mind, I said yes and now we have been together for just over 6 years.

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In December of 2017, Pat and I went to New York with my parents as a surprise Christmas gift for my mom (little did I know there was a surprise in this for me as well). We had been in New York for a couple of days and were highly anticipating the fancy dinner that we had booked for the Stanton Social which was to be followed by a night at the Top of Rock to show my parents one of our favorite views.

The very first trip Pat and I did together be to New York in August of 2012 and we absolutely loved it! We crammed so much into those 8 days including heading up to the observation deck of Rockefeller Center to the most incredible view I had ever seen! Ever since that trip, we have been wanting to go back but there are just so many other places on the list to go AND it has always been a dream of mine to see New York at Christmas so this trip was perfect in more ways than one!

We finished our dinner and went to Rockefeller and while we were taking some pictures at the top my dad asked my mom to take a video, she was quite confused since she actually had no idea this was happening! I was starting to get butterflies because I was a teenie bit suspicious since my dad is not a fan of the camera, then before I could process what was happening Pat was down on one knee, I was freaking out, and my mom was freaking out, and people were cheering!

It was the most magical night with the Empire State building glowing green and red behind us, my parents being there to witness it, and being back in one of my favorite places looking out at my favorite view with my absolute favorite human!

6 years later in our fave city! Just the most magical moment!

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