Samantha and Owen

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Killington mountain

How We Met

Owen and I met the first day of 6th grade in front of our social studies class when he said: “hey, aren’t you Jeff’s sister?”. After moving half an hour away we reconnected junior year of high school when he taught me how to snowboard. Since then our relationship has been built off of our mutual love for the snow and mountains.

How They Asked

We had a trip to Killington, Vermont planned for the first week of March, and it seemed like any other snowboarding trip we’ve taken. It was a clear, bluebird day on the mountain when half way down a trail Owen stopped to the side telling to come over. I sat in front of him thinking he was fixing his gloves when all of a sudden he pulled the most beautiful ring I have ever seen out of his pocket and asked me to be his wife! It could not have been a more perfect proposal.