Samantha and Nicolas

How We Met

The summer of 2012 will always be our most memorable summer. I was a rising junior at North Paulding High School while a hunky football player named Nicolas was preparing for his senior year at Allatoona High School. I had officially launched my cake business, Cake Queen Sam, which required me to visit the neighborhood Publix quite often. Although I said I always needed more cake supplies, everyone, including myself, knew it was to go see Nick, “the cute bagger boy at Publix.” But, do not be fooled, the admiration was mutual, and Nick was sure to take out my groceries even if it was only one bag. He took every opportunity to be with me, so that we could talk and get to know one another. Nick finally worked up enough courage to ask for my number and on June 20, 2012, we went on our very first date. Throughout many milestones such as high school graduations, college and Nick completing Cobb County Police Academy, we grew as individuals and closer together as a couple. We always knew that we were “the one” for each other.

how they asked

After meeting the man of my dreams at our local Publix, I was so looking forward to celebrating our four-year anniversary on August 6, 2016. As a planner with a typical Type A personality, I kept asking Nick how we were going to celebrate. This year was different from the past as Nick said that he has it covered and not to worry. My only assignment was to find a pretty dress and indulge in a day of pampering at the nail salon. I sure am happy I complied! To my complete surprise, Nick planned a weekend getaway to New York City! Little did I know, the trip was not going to be the end of my surprises. No matter how many times I asked for details, I was not given a single hint.

On the evening of August 5, we arrived to NYC, and Nick said we were staying at the beautiful Hudson Hotel. The morning of our anniversary, August 6, I was told to put on my dress and heels and be ready by noon! Nick had made a reservation for the best steak house in the US, Peter Lugars. It has been my DREAM to go there. I have no idea how he was able to get a reservation (my NYC model brother might have known the right people?). It was amazing and unforgettable. After that, we went to Pier 62 on a sailboat while basking at the beautiful sunset. The view was breathtaking and incredibly romantic.

Once it was over, about 2 hours later, he said that was the end of our anniversary surprises. We then went back to the hotel and freshened up before we went and met my brother in Times Square. Nick did mention that we ran out of time to get dessert, so he told me that he had one last surprise. Once in Times Square, he guided me towards Carlos Bakery! I’ve never been, and it has been my dream to go, so I was super excited. There was a huge line, but there was a window in the shop where you can watch cakes being made, I was in my “glory.” Once we got right up to the window, they brought out this amazing looking red velvet cake (my favorite). I did not think anything of it until Nick knocked on the window and said, “I’m trying to get us on TV.”

Then, I looked down and really studied the cake. There was a beautiful ring inside of an icing rose and the cake read – “Will you marry me?” I looked at Nick, and he had tears in his eyes while he started explaining that he wants to spend the rest of his life with me, and that he hopes I know how much he loves me. Meanwhile, they brought out the cake and placed it on the counter next to us. Nick then took the ring out and bent down on one knee and asked me to be his wife.?

Where to Propose in Carlos Bakery, Times Square, New York City

I was so surprised, and I had so many emotions. I think I said yes a million times. The entire store, which was packed, was cheering for us. My brother was there with his friend, who is a professional photographer, and he captured the amazing event! It was as perfect as my Nick. I can’t wait to be this incredible man’s Mrs. Miller on 10/20/18 — the day we will say I DO

Special Thanks

Michael Dittrich
Mitchell Robinson