Samantha and Nicholas

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How We Met

Nick and I met in high school. He went to one high school, and I went to the neighboring one. Between the schools, we had two gymnastics teams, so I had several friends that went to his high school. The first time I saw his picture was when my friend was trying to set him up with our other friend. I snatched the phone out of her hand and said, “ooo, set him up with me instead!” So she did. Nick eventually texted me and I invited him to my Halloween party! For the party, I borrowed my friend’s sailor costume so I would look cute and sassy for when we first met! Eventually, people started to arrive and in walks a guy in a giant Geico gecko costume! Yup, you guessed it! That weirdo was my future husband!

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The party began and as many awkward high school experiences go, the party was painfully awkward… My friends kept trying to get us to dance and kiss and we just weren’t about that! After the Halloween party, we engaged in an awkward hug and he left. The next day he came over and it was a lot less awkward. Now, 5.5 years later I get to call that goofball my fiance!

how they asked

December 17 Nick and I had planned to go hiking in the afternoon and then go to a Christmas party. Hiking is one of our favorite activities to do together, so we tried to go as often as possible. While I was excited for our afternoon hike, unknown to me he had a different plan. He arrived two hours late to my house to go hiking and by now it is 4:30 in the afternoon and I am really mad because we can’t go hiking in the dark!

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After ignoring him for a while, he receives a text from his mom saying she is at LaPham Peak Park and her car won’t start, so we needed to go pick her up. At this point, I am still mad and irritated since our only day together a week has been ruined. We get to Lapham Peak and Nick says his mom is in the tower and we should go meet her there.

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At this point, I began to get suspicious because Nick was all smiley and acting weird! As we approach the tower I see there are candles all along the stairs up to the tower. I now knew what was happening and I was so excited! When we made it to the top of the tower there were candles lit in the shape of a heart. Then Nicholas got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! AND I SAID YES!!! I am so so excited for our future, and am happy to say I am marrying the love of my life!

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Backstory: While Nick and his mom were setting up another couple was up by the tower, and the boyfriend was getting very irritated with Nick and his mom being on the tower, so eventually they left but came back later. Turns out he was trying to propose to his girlfriend at the tower as well but couldn’t because Nick and his mom were in the way! Eventually, Nick left to pick me up, and Nicks mom stepped away and went for a walk. When she got back the man said thank you for the beautiful set up because he just used it to propose to his girlfriend! haha! so my proposal set up was used for two proposals!

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