Samantha and Michael

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How We Met

Michael transferred to my high school our junior year (2005). He was extremely quiet, not really, and was always playing hockey or away playing hockey so we didn’t have much interaction those two years. It was a tradition to go away after graduation on a last hoorah trip before entering the real world. I was going with my girls and was newly single and ready to enjoy this final chapter. Michael came down with one of my really good friends and it was crazy how connected I felt to him. I know so girly but true none the less. Of course I couldn’t let him know that so I played it cool (or so I thought) so I didn’t get hurt. We just clicked, we spent all of that week together and I even stayed up all night to watch Mystery Alaska with him. I earned mayor points for that, and anyone that plays hockey or is involved with a hockey player will understand. There was a major black cloud hanging over us because Michaels family had relocated to St. Louis and he was going to college there. This kept me on my toes because I was not about to get attached to someone who was going to leave, good one Sam, didn’t work out that way. God had different plans for us. Michaels father Tim suddenly passed away and that pushed Michaels move up even more. I remember our last day together. He picked me up at 10 am and I took him to the Pittsburgh Zoo so he could see my sick obsession with penguins. Honestly I could’ve done anything and I would’ve been happy. Unfortunately he had to catch a flight that’s same afternoon so we were pressed for time. Mind you this is 3 months after we actually started hanging out. I’ve never seen someone drive so slow up my street before but we didn’t want to be apart. I was proud of myself I made it to my door before ducking around the corner and balling like a little baby. What does a girl do in that situation? She calls her mommy and wails about how she’s in love with him and she just watched her heart drive away. In typical Michael fashion he interrupted said call to tell me how in love with me he was and we would figure something out. (Our moms were already figuring things out). I went to visit and everything felt right again. Leaving him was soul crushing… Literally I was a shell when I came back. One night we were one the phone and our moms each interrupted to talk to us, they had a solution. I moved down to St. Louis a month later. That was almost 9 years ago! It was totally crazy and I never would’ve thought I would do something like that but I did and I am so glad not only Michael and I believed but our moms believed in our love enough to encourage us to take the leap.

how they asked

Fast forward to June 7, 2015. We were going to put the sold sign on the lot where we were set to start building our dream home together. I was on cloud nine and was so nervous that I was oblivious to the signs that Michael had something more planned. Ever the gentleman he let me put the sold sticker on, we snapped a picture, and then my world stopped.

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There he was down on one knee telling me everything he loved about me and asking me to make it official and take his last name. It was surreal, I had been watching friends get engaged and then married, I was getting quite impatient. We had a plan and I knew our time would come. That’s not totally true I was ready to be his wife but Michael does rings on his own time. Boy did he time it perfectly. I just thought he was nervous every about building a hose together so didn’t pay much thought to him sweating profusely or talking up a storm. It was everything I ever wanted and more. In the future I can walk my kids out to the front yard and show them the pictures and tell them the details of how their daddy proposed and made mommy the happiest woman alive.

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