Samantha and Maxwell's Proposal on the UF Football Field

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how we met – samantha

The first time I was charmed by Maxwell Curtis Anderson was at WooDZer 2011, an annual date function for my sorority, Delta Zeta. One of my DZ sisters Kelly (miss you!) was neighbors with Max and invited him and his roommates on the date function. I remember seeing a few photos of Max before hand and thinking he was good looking. I might have started to develop the tiniest little crush. The night of WooDZer arrived, and I have to admit I was slightly nervous about meeting Max! I stepped off the school bus to greet the group, and was immediately smitten with him. Tall, handsome, social, and HILARIOUS! His Vineyard Vines plaid button down didn’t hurt either. We spoke briefly that night, but wasn’t until a few nights later when we were celebrating Kelly’s birthday that I got to know him better. Max had a way of making me feel comfortable and so special. I truly fell head-over-heels. That night, while he was walking me home, I mentioned that I’d never been to Florida Field at night. Max scooped me up and carried me down to the 50 yard line. Staring up at the night sky, fate would have it that we’d see a shooting star. Thinking to myself that this is something out of a movie fairytale, I leaned in for our first kiss!

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how we met – maxwell

The first time I met Samantha Jo Wiley was on the Delta Zeta Woodser date function back in November, 2011. We were introduced by a mutual friend (Thanks Kelly!) as Samantha climbed off the bus to greet us. I have to admit, my first thoughts were “well dayum, she’s smokin hot!”. But really, I think that’s most guys reaction when they meet her. She made flannel shirts and cowboys look hella good. We spoke throughout the function, and she had the perfect blend of sass and charm to keep me vying for her attention all night. As much as she wanted to play hard to get with me, it didn’t take long for that to change once she laid eyes on this stud.

A few days later we went out to midtown in Gainesville with a group of friends, and we spent the entire night talking away. As the night wound down, I suggested we do something a little bold…..I wanted to sneak in the UF football stadium. After clearing a couple fences and climbing a few sets of stairs, we were in. We even snuck onto the field and decided to lay down on the 50 yard line and look up at the stars. Well luck would have it that as we gazed into the night sky, a shooting star passed overhead. Wanting to capitalize on this moment, I convinced Samantha it was fate and we should kiss. Little did I know that first kiss, would be my last first kiss. Soon after this precious moment, we were blinded by police flashlights who promptly escorted us out of the stadium. I walked her home, and the next day asked her on a more official first date that night.

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how they asked

As you know from the “How We Met” section, Florida Field shares a special place in our relationship. Not just because it is the sight of our first kiss, but also because of the countless Gator football games we have attended together in the past, as well as, into our future. I knew after our first night there, I was going to propose to her there……sounds crazy, but it’s true. I just had to find the right time and a way to get her there. I also knew that us getting married was more than a combining of two lives, but also of two families. So, I also wanted both of our families there to witness the special occasion.

Fast forward to April 25, 2015, I lived in North Carolina, and she lived in Palm Beach, so it was going to be tricky. Working with some of Samantha’s friends, I was able to have them lure Samantha up to Gainesville for the weekend to participate in senior photos for her G-Little, Sara. Unbeknownst to Samantha, I also invited her family, as well as my own, to hide in the stands while I made the move. Our two families, 9 of us total, met outside the stadium and walked in to give Samantha the biggest surprise of her life.

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As Samantha and her friends took photos, I snuck down onto the field behind them. Our families were anxiously watching from the stands as I walked toward the group of girls.

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At the perfect moment, I walked up behind Samantha and surprised her, dropping to one knee at centerfield. I asked her to be my wife, and she said yes! I think… There was a head nod, but she was a little too overwhelmed to speak.

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After lots hugs, photos, and congratulations, we all walked to The Swamp in Midtown and celebrated with a champagne brunch, our first time with the two families as one.

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