Samantha and Matthew

Image 1 of Samantha and Matthew

How We Met

We both were music majors at the same college. He saw me singing on stage, but I never saw him. I then first saw him drumming at a concert and immediately liked him. I added him on Facebook, he accepted and messaged me within 2 minutes and we’ve been inseparable ever since!

How They Asked

My favorite place ever is George Washington’s Estate, Mount Vernon. Every time I visits, I get my picture taken in the same spot. Also, both Matthew and I love the musical, “Hamilton.” On September 19th, 2020, Mount Vernon was holding a 1700’s festival, as well as a Hamilton Tour around the estate. My parents tagged along- making it a totally normal trip for me and I didn’t expect a thing! Once we checked out the festival, Matt surprised me with the Hamilton Tour after telling me we’d only be able to attend the festival. After the Tour, we all went to the usual picture spot, where he then got down on one knee and PROPOSED!! A truly beautiful and unforgettable moment!