Samantha and Marquis

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how we met

We met in middle school when we were 12 years old. We had some classes together and would say hi to each other. But we weren’t really good friends at the time. When we turned 14 years old, we started playing basketball together at the local parks in our neighborhood; since we both played on our schools basketball teams. That summer we met at the park multiple times a week and played basketball and over a period of time, feeling for each other started to arise. So we started dating when we were 14 years old, right before we started attending high school.

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how they asked

Samantha and I planned a trip to Puerto Morelos for our 12 year anniversary. We booked everything 8 months ahead of time and I knew that would be the perfect time to propose to her. 3 months before the trip, I contacted Quetzal Wedding Photos because I saw their work and thought that it would be a great idea to have the proposal documented and the engagement photos knocked out at the same time. The photographers and I had worked out a plan to take her to Puerto Morelos and as we got closer to the pier, I would toss a rock in the ocean as a signal that the proposal was going to happen in that moment. I told Samantha the day before that we were doing anniversary photos. She was super thrilled because it’s our tradition. The photographers came and picked us up and took us around some beautiful spots for photos. We started in the town and made our way down to the beach.

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Then from the beach we made our way down to the pier. Finally, I took the rock out of my pocket and threw it into the ocean. Samantha’s eyes followed the rock as the photographers got into position for the moment. I took the ring out of my pocket and got down on one knee, just as Samantha realized what was going on.

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Samantha was in shock! I asked Samantha to marry me and she said YES! Special thank you to Queztal Wedding Photos! They captured a beautiful moment.

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