Samantha and Marcus

How We Met

Marc and I were both Seniors in college and were attending the last big party of the year. I was standing with a group of my friends when Marc dropped a golf ball in my glass and told me it meant I had to finish my drink. I told him the only way I would finish it is if he went and got me another one. He agreed; I finished my glass, he went, grabbed me another one. He handed me my new drink, I handed him back the golf ball and he dropped the golf ball right back in my new glass. We ended up spending the rest of the day talking, bonding over our love for sports and the last few weeks before graduation getting to know each other. A little over two perfect years later he proposed! We had met just a few short weeks before we would leave school forever. It was just meant to be!

Samantha and Marcus's Engagement in Des Moines, IA

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Samantha's Proposal in Des Moines, IA

How They Asked

Marc and I had planned to go on a late anniversary dinner at one of our favorite spots in downtown Des Moines. We live downtown so we were walking to dinner when Marc told me that he wanted to take a detour to see in the fountain was on in a small sculpture park so we could take Luna to play in them the next day. This sculpture park also happened to be the place he asked me to be his girlfriend.

As we walked up I noticed a small table for two surrounded by candles with two plates of pasta from my favorite restaurant. He walked me to the table had me sit down and we (kinda) started eating. A few seconds later our year-old vanilla lab came running out from behind the bushes. Marc pulled the ring off of her collar, got down on one knee and asked me to marry him in the same spot he asked me to be his girlfriend almost exactly two years earlier. Our parents and sisters came out from behind the bushes taking pictures and celebrating with us! It was such a dream! AND I get the spend my life with my best friend.