Samantha and Mac's Same-Day Proposal and Wedding

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how we met

Mac and I met at Our Lady of the Lake University. We both work and attend school there, he works in the business office of the university and I worked in the technology department. We never really spoke to one another much, nor did we see each other in class, since we were in different majors. The only contact we had was when I would go downstairs to clock out, before class. He would sit at the front desk and I would pass by and smile, and we would exchange casual greetings every now and then. To be quite honest I never thought we would be where we are now. One day (of course it would be a crappy day for me) I was downstairs with my supervisor trying to fix an interactive kiosk. Mac came out and told us that they had been having issues with the kiosk and apparently students were playing cat videos on the kiosk.

He then introduced himself to my supervisor and I (which didn’t really make sense to me as, we would never really see each other…or so I thought). As I had mentioned earlier I had a bad day and was not in the mood for anything, so I brushed off his introduction and was somewhat cold to him. As I went about my day I kept revisiting that memory and thinking to myself that I could have possibly ruined my one chance to talk to this handsome man! I gathered up the courage, searched the university email address book, and send him an email apologizing for being so cold. We had small talk and eventually ended up agreeing on meeting up to play some soccer. From there we found out that we both loved to be outdoors. Soccer meets, turned into trail running, trail running into hiking, and then hiking to showing me all around San Antonio and small cities surrounding San Antonio. We grew closer and became extremely fond of one another. We eventually began dating, I moved in to his apartment, and that brings us to now.

how they asked

We were talking about getting married for a while, but we were trying to figure out a date to actually get married, we were planning for May, after I graduated with my Bachelor’s degree. Fast forward to May 7th, where 3 of the most memorable things in my life happened. It was graduation day and my family had just come in from El Paso, and his family came up from Edinburg to come and enjoy this spectacular day. The ceremony was in the morning, I was anxious and excited that I would be able to spend this day with Mac and both of our families. My time to walk the stage came, and I was able to enjoy seeing my family which I do not get to do often since I live in San Antonio.

We went out to eat and then we were going to take graduation pictures at the Japanese Tea Gardens. As soon as we got there I was curious as to why the gardens were so empty. We were told at the gate that the tea gardens were closed for a private event. Mac turned to me and told me that he had reserved the tea gardens for my photos and so that we could take graduation photos of our younger siblings whom were graduating high school within the next month. Being as sentimental as I am, I was overwhelmed at the gesture and disregarded any suspicions that I had. As it always is in Texas, it was really hot outside, so all parties were becoming anxious and possibly grumpy – Little did I know the actual reason for everyone’s anxiety! Mac is a photographer, so once he is behind the lens, he is very business oriented and a perfectionist. As we were taking photos, I was switching out with relatives and friends so that I could get pictures with everyone. Finally it was time to take pictures with Mac.

As we were getting ready for the photo he stooped down to tie his shoe, when I finally realized what was going on I looked down to see him on one knee with a small white box in his hand. I immediately became overwhelmed as my eyes filled with tears. He explained to me that he had been planning this for a while, and that he wanted to do something small for us, where I could have my family enjoy the experience as well. He then proposed to me and I said yes, of course!

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Then as everyone began to cheer and take pictures, Mac stepped away from me and says “I know you were worried about getting married and not having your parents be able to come up, so if it’s alright with you and you want to, we can get married right now.” After he says this the Justice of the Peace walks out from behind a cascade of trees.

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I started crying even harder than I was before, and at that moment some photographers run out and start taking pictures. So not only did I get a surprise, intimate proposal/wedding, he also had ninja photographers there to catch the whole thing! We were then married by the waterfall at the tea gardens.

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It was the most romantic thing anyone has ever done for me. Everyone was in on the surprise except for me, I was completely taken aback at everything that Mac had done and all the stress he must have put himself through to make sure everything went smoothly. He even went as far as convincing me to buy a white dress for my graduation, so that I would be dressed for the occasion. My graduation day became the day the man I love proposed to me and the day I became his wife.

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