Samantha and Luke

How We Met: Luke + I met our senior year of high school. He was in a band as a drummer, how dreamy! He had a show one evening at a venue called the Walnut House, + my freind Brooklynn was dating Dylan, who was the bass player in the band at that time. Well all evening I was being told how dreamy, sweet, + awesome this guy was, but in high school I was an extremely independent girl who always wanted a boyfriend, but no one was ever as good as my movie like expectations! Well, that night I briefly met Luke, oh + did I mention, he brought a girl, so I met her too!

Well, that night I had also met a guy named Michael, + he was sweet, but very obnoxious, like any teenage boy is. That night I had been texting Michael, but something kept telling me to get Luke’s number + get to know him instead of leading on this other guy who really didn’t seem to be a winner. Well that night I did what any high school girl does, I stalked his Facebook page! I then proceeded to add him, start a conversation with him, + give him my number. When I set my mind to something, I don’t let anyone get in my way. Once we texted for about a week, we went on our first date.

Image 1 of Samantha and Luke

He took me to a cute secluded part of our towns park where the moon shines bright reflected on the river. After a month down to the exact day, Luke brought me flowers, wrote me a song, and asked me to be his girlfriend. From that day we were inseparable! He was instantly my best friend, and the best first boyfriend I could’ve ever dreamt of.

how they asked: I am a photography major at Image 2 of Samantha and LukeMiddle Tennessee State University (MTSU), + Luke is a Cideo/Film Production major. Lots of people thought that Luke would have this elaborate plan with cameras set up everywhere as if he were filming a scene in a movie, but what most don’t understand is that we are private people, + we wanted to spend this beautiful moment alone, besides the strangers who were in the photo building at this exact time. It was a Wednesday night when it all began. We left church around 8 pm, + as usual we were bored + wanted to do something.

Luke “found” an old roll of film that I had “misplaced”. I didn’t think anything of it because I can be very careless + misplace things, so I fell for his plan to get me to the photography building.

We then began to develop the film in the darkroom. This process takes about twenty minutes, which was a breeze for me, but the wait was killing Luke. at the end, we went out and began to wash the film. After about five minutes, I finished the wash, + began to unravel the film, I then started to see the lines from the letters, + could figure out what I had taken photos of. I then started to see the film + it read “WILL YOU MARRY ME??”.

Once I turned around I saw my sweet man down on one knee, shaking, mumbling how much he loves me + that he would love for me to make him the happiest + luckiest man in the world + if I would be his wife. OF COURSE I SAID YES!