Samantha and Louie

How We Met

Louie and I had a college course together four years ago, and although he had a crush on me we wouldn’t actually “meet” and speak until two years later! It was definitely, love at first sight, I knew I wanted to marry him from our first date! On our first date we got lost going to dinner, and from that experience, I knew that he was who I wanted to get lost with forever. Louie understood my humor, my quirks, and my passion for teaching. I knew from day one that I never wanted to stop getting to know him more. He is my soulmate?

how they asked

We share a love of Philadelphia Eagles football, so to celebrate our 2 year anniversary this weekend we flew to Florida to watch the Philadelphia Eagles play the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. On Friday, shortly after we landed, Louie told me that he had a surprise planned for us.

We ended up at a dock where I learned that Louie rented a boat ride for just the two of us. After riding on the boat for a few hours admiring the beautiful boats and of course the ocean, at sunset, the captain informed us that a bottle had “washed up onto the boat.” The bottle had a handwritten note inside of it that Louie wrote and mailed to Florida.

When I was finished reading the note I turned to find Louie on one knee with the most beautiful ring in his hand, asking me to marry him. I am still in complete shock, it was a complete fairytale ?