Samantha and Louie

Where to Propose in Aruba

How We Met

We had gone to high school together but were living different lives in different circles, it wasn’t until our freshman year of college when we found ourselves in the same part-time job. He was recently out of a relationship and I was in a very unhealthy one. We had quickly become close friends, I found myself speaking his name more than my boyfriends or even my own and everyone around me could see the feelings that were growing between us. After a few months, he had found a new job and would leave me and the only thing holding our friendship alive. Shortly before his time at our job had ended, we decided to get together and hang out outside of work, unknowingly we both had thought more of that night. He took this time to pour his heart out and express that he could not remain, my friend, because his feelings had become so much more, that my emotionally unstable relationship was hard for him to watch and that he wanted nothing more but than to be with me and treat me how I should be treated. Well, I left that part-time job also to get a job working together again and left the unhealthy relationship to explore this love for my best friend.

Four years later, we have laughed more than we’ve cried. We have loved like never before. And we have built a foundation for a lifetime of happiness from the friendship we both cherish.

How They Asked

This past December we were on our first trip to the happy island of Aruba. We had heard such amazing things about the island that we decided to make an effort to not only relax but to explore as well. Halfway through our trip, we decided (little did I know he had decided this before arriving at the island), to watch the sunset at the famous Divi Divi tree on Eagle Beach. I have always loved taking photos together to hold onto memories forever, Lou is not as enthusiastic about my photoshoots and asking strangers for help. However, on this night he had suggested we ask someone else on the beach to take our photo.

He had even gone as far as to ask them to help himself. I jumped at the idea and we posed in front of the famous tree. The friendly beachgoer began snapping pictures as I turned to find him down on one knee. He spoke beautiful words about his love for me and our future together and took a long pause before asking those four words, “Will you marry me?”

I had later asked what the long pause was for him to respond that I was crying too loud he wanted to make sure I heard it! I quickly learned the friendly beachgoer was a hired photographer, something I’ve always wanted. We enjoyed the rest of our beautiful vacation in engaged bliss keeping the secret from friends and family until we returned home just in time to share our Christmas Eve surprise!

Samantha and Louie's Engagement in Aruba

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