Samantha and Logan

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How We Met

Logan and I met in college while studying for a psychology exam. He was across the hall in my sorority sisters room and I walked over to join the study session. Since that day we had many lunch dates and met up at parties through out college. We had always stayed friends. About 3 years later I had persued him on Facebook and we met up for dinner and a movie. We never actually made it to the movie because we talked all night long. We had a long distance relationship for about 2 years and then I moved to Colorado to be with him. Last year we moved our life to Texas and couldn’t be happier.

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how they asked

Logan and I were on a family lake trip to Table Rock Lake in Missouri. We go each year with my family. All the “adult” cousins planned a trip into the city for the evening for dinner and drinks while the parents went out for a birthday and anniversary dinner. When we got back to the lake house, Logan grabbed us some beers and lead me down to the dock. We sat on the pontune boat and he turned a light on because he knew I’d want to see the ring, but then we got swarmed with bugs. He turned the light off and we laughed about it. We talked about life and how much fun we were having that week. Finally, he said… “so would you want to spend your life with me? Marry me” I was so excited that all I could say was “seriously!?” HA! He said, “yes seriously!” And then we laughed even more because he had to fish the ring out of his pocket that he slid into a floatie just in case it fell into the water (that’s my safety guy :) ). He put the ring on my finger and it is absolutely perfect and fits my personality so well.

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