Samantha and Lee

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How We Met

Lee and I met in Greek Life at West Virginia University in January 2012 while I was a freshman in Alpha Omicron Pi and Lee was a sophomore in Sigma Nu. We were at a mixer at the Sigma Nu house when I saw this handsome boy pointing at me from down at the other end of the hallway. He walked down the entire hallway still with his finger pointing at me until he was standing in my face with our mutual best friend Bobby. He gave me the line, “I know you!” Well lets be honest any girl who hears that line and has no idea who the guy is and assumes they are just being hit on by the guy. Well long story short we had a mutual child hood friend and he really did know who I was (I just had no idea who he was oopsies) That night he refused to go home unless I gave him a kiss.

So of course I kissed his cheek so he would go and gave him my number. It had been a week and I never heard from him! That weekend my sorority and his fraternity had a private mixer. We were in the exact same hallway with our friend Bobby yet again and he did the point I know you move etc. When I told him we already did this he clearly didn’t remember. I told him he already had my cell when he asked for it yet again. He looked in his phone realizing he had my number all week and just had no idea! That night we stayed up until 6am talking about all of our life goals, hobbies, childhood, literally everything you could imagine. We have now been together 5 years are so excited for our wedding!

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how they asked

Lee and I flew down to Orlando, Florida to visit my parents over Thanksgiving and my Birthday. We were in The Villages at The Brownwood Square Hub. The band was playing country music at the outdoor arena when the music stopped and our special song came on, I won’t Give Up by Jason Mraz. I looked around everywhere for him because I knew something weird was about to happen! My sister walked over to me and said give me your purse. I immediately threw my purse at her and told her to take my wine. Lee asked me to dance in front of our family and friends. He told me why he loves me and where we met and fell in love etc.

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When he got on his knee and popped the question during the chorus of our song. We followed the evening with a special family dinner.

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