Samantha and Lazaros

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How We Met

Laz and I met through work. We were coworkers for quite some time before we became involved with each other. We became best friends almost instantly and wanted to be together every chance that we could. He made me laugh and feel at ease even on the worst days. Laz has two precious children. This made me nervous as that was a huge commitment and I am so thankful everyday that I chose this path. Laz and his two boys, Cooper & Theo, have made me complete.

how they asked

So, this is how it went down. We had been discussing family photos for quite a while so when Laz said he wanted to go ahead and have them made, I booked a photographer immediately. I came home from work and told him they were booked. He told me to cancel because he had already booked them. I was furious for two reasons – I wanted to be in control and how did I know he picked a good photographer? He also scheduled it for a day that it was calling for snow. And I must admit that I loathe the snow. I told him I wasn’t going to the photo session. As the photo session got closer, I got really sick and had a 102 fever for almost a week…so I definitely wasn’t going At this point. Even on the day of, I was determined not to go just so I could “win” the argument. But I gave in and went. Luckily, it had not snowed and we ended up with sunshine that day. The boys took some individual pictures and we took some together as a family. And then the photographer (and her husband posing as a photographer) were getting pictures of me with Laz and the boys “playing” behind me. As I turned around, it literally became the best day of my life. The love of my life was down on one knee and Cooper and Theo had signs that said “Will you marry our daddy?” I was so surprised! I said shut up, are you sure, and YES! We laughed and laughed about how stubborn I had been and how thankful I was that I actually went! Haha!

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Special Thanks

Jenna Moran
 | Photographer