Samantha and Landon

How We Met

It all started back when I was in college at the University of South Carolina. We were at a party with mutual friends when I felt like we had a connection between each other. By the end of the party after we spent most of the night talking he drove me to the entrance of our apartment complex to say goodnight before I left. It started to rain pretty heavily and as he got out of the car he kissed me goodnight outside in the pouring rain. From that moment I knew that he was going to be someone very special in my life and we instantly gravitated toward each other. Later that evening he text messaged me and said “I would love to take you on a proper date”. I was so happy and of course replied that I would love that. Ever sense that day we have become more then just a couple but best friends.

how they asked

We arrived at Castle Hill Inn at 6:00 o’ clock in the evening on a Friday and he said he wanted to walk to the lighthouse nearby. As we arrived to the lighthouse I was amazed by the view of the ocean and the serenity. We walked onto the wooden stairs leading into the ocean when he turned around and took my hand. He told me he couldn’t imagine living life with anyone else and how he can’t wait for all of the memories we will make in the future together. He got down on one knee took my hand again and asked me to marry him. I immediately replied yes and we kissed. We heard cheering coming from the distance and turned around to see a couple sitting on the rocks. He also surprised me by hiring a photographer who was hiding in the nearby rocks to capture the moment. We walked around the lighthouse together exploring different areas and then walked along the beach. I will never forget this special moment.

Castle Hill Inn Lighthouse

Special Thanks

Derek Halkett