Samantha and Kyle

Image 1 of Samantha and KyleIn 2010 we were both waiting tables at Cracker Barrel. He says the first time he saw me I took his breath away. I don’t remember that moment but I remember that he always had the biggest smile on his face.

We were friends through college but mostly just through social media even though we both went to Astate.

That all changed on September 9th 2013 when I tweeted a selfie and he tweeted me a thumbs up, then took the big bold move to direct message me “#beautiful” which of course made my day!

We rekindled our friendship and he won my heart with “romantic” rides across campus on the basketball golf cart and his goofy since of humor.

He is my best friend and I’m his biggest fan! He’s always their for me and I’m at every home game cheering for him!
Image 2 of Samantha and Kyle

how they asked: In 2009 Kyle’s cousin, Mary was in a severe car crash that left her with a traumatic brain injury. His family host a golf tournament and silent auction every year called “Miracles Fore Mary” to raise money for other families in similar situations. Apparently a few months prior, Kyle had asked Mary’s permission to propose at her event. That night after we had gone around and looked at all the auction items we sat with his parents, family, and Mary as Mary’s parents got up to make a speech.

After their amazing speech about how life goes in and is still good even after so much bad, the live auction and raffle took place. Towards the end I had begun to zone out from what the auctioneer was saying and started to get curious and slightly annoyed that Kyle had slipped away into the crowd for the las 15minutes. “Probably visiting” I thought to myself.

Then I heard “Samantha Glisson” from the auctioneer. He had to say my name again before I realized he had drawn my name for a prize. “But I didn’t sign up for anything” I told his mom as she urged me to go get my prize. Hesitantly I slowly walked to the front of the crowded room, nervously wondering what someone must have signed me up for. Then I saw him. Kyle came out of a side door at the very front and the auctioneer told him to “go give her her prize”. I couldn’t breath! And all I could stammer was “NO YOU ARE NOT RIGHT NOW!” The next thing I know I am crying and we are both shaking. I’m not sure I even said yes because I was in such shock so he had to ask me again “is that a yes?” And I just nodded, my hand still over my mouth.

Image 3 of Samantha and Kyle