Samantha and Kyle

How We Met

Flashback to fall of 2009 (freshman year of high school) when Kyle and I had our first class together. Did I speak to him? No. Did I laugh at everything he said to the people around him? Yes!

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Fast forward to Spring of 2012 when Kyle and I had our second class together. Kyle walked in late on the first day of Junior AP English and sat in the empty desk behind me. I spent the first couple of weeks turned around and focused on what was being taught. As the middle of the semester approached, I found myself flinging my long hair on his desk. He leaned up and asked, “Can I play with your hair?” I remember saying “yes” and being so nervous. The days he wouldn’t show up to school or the days that I didn’t have time to straighten my hair made the 90-minute block drag on. We were on a “play-with-my-hair-and-don’t-speak” basis. Near the end of the semester, I finally worked up the courage to turn around and talk to him. I remember seeing how blue his eyes were as I “helped” him memorize a poem. He didn’t need my help at all but I was okay with that because I was talking to him. That night I texted a mutual friend saying, “Tell Kyle to date me.”

The rest is HISTORY. :)

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How They Asked

The week of Halloween Kyle made a comment that we should get pictures taken for a Christmas card with our sweet golden retriever. I immediately asked, “WHEN?!” He said let’s do it the first weekend in December at the waterfront. My brain instantly shifted to “what???? You are planning something this far in advanced??” I asked my mom that night if I should be suspicious & she said: “no Samantha you are crazy!”

Samantha and Kyle's Engagement in Washington, North Carolina

The weeks between when he first asked and the first weekend in December flew by. I woke up on December 7th and got ready to take a Christmas card picture with Kyle and our golden retriever, Sadie. We met his mom (who took the pictures) at the Washington Waterfront. She started taking all the pictures possible!

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Kyle suggested walking down the boardwalk! As we walked down the boardwalk, he started to walk behind me and get “weird”. I asked him if he was okay and he ensured me that he was just fine. We reached the end and took one more picture before he said: “there’s one more thing I want to do!”

He got down on one knee *cue the waterworks* and says “Samantha, I have loved you for 7 years. I want to love you for the rest of my life. Will you marry me?” I hugged him SO tight and said yes!

As soon as he puts the shiny ring on my finger, I look up and see my parents coming down the boardwalk. It was SOOO perfect!