Samantha and Kyle

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Pearl Harbor, HI

How We Met

Kyle was out with his friends, finally celebrating his birthday, since the Navy’s scheduling is always crazy. I was out with my friends, saying farewell to Jobelle, because she was moving to Las Vegas. Since Kyle’s friend, Jose, didn’t think Kyle’s glasses would get many girls’ attention, he had Kyle take them off, so Kyle was very blind for the night. Jose brought him over to our group of friends and Kyle asked me to dance. He never let go of my hand, which was SO weird! I didn’t find out until months later that he was blind and would have lost me had he let go. Even though he was being “clingy Kyle” as us girls nicknamed him, I felt such a strange connection to him already. I was scared and nervous because I definitely didn’t think I was ready for a relationship! I was kind of an ass at some points, and we were off to a bumpy start. Even when we were apart, we always felt a pull calling us back together. We moved in together after dating for a little over a year, and it has been the most wonderful time of our lives. The connection we have is so incredible. He really is my best friend and my other half, and I am his.

how they asked

We were at the Pearl Harbor 4th of July celebration, listening to Stone Temple Pilots perform before the fireworks. He took my kids (6 & 8) to get some pizza and drinks while I manned the chairs and blanket. While he was there with them, he showed them the ring he had bought and told them he wanted to ask me to be his wife. Apparently they were just so giddy. Then he asked them if he can be their daddy, and they were both over the moon! He brings back the pizza and drinks and we go about our night, with the kids buzzing around so excitedly. After a while, he takes me over to the baseball diamond area of the celebration field, and gets down on one knee. He pulls the ring out of his pocket and tells me how much he loves me and wants to spend his whole life with me. Then he asked if I will be his wife. I, of course, said yes, with the happiest tears ever in my eyes. The kids are running around happier than Christmas! I kiss and hug him so much! Then we make our way back to our chairs and listen to the rest of the concert in pure bliss. Once the concert ended, the Independence Day fireworks started over all of the ships decorated and docked in Pearl Harbor, including the ships from different countries for RIMPAC. I couldn’t stop smiling and hugging him and kissing him, and the sparkle of the most perfect ring in the light of the fireworks, while being embraced by the love of my life was the most perfect moment.

Special Thanks

Dana Arnold
She photographed our anniversary pictures, featured in how we met.
Gabby Rosencrants
She will be our wedding photographer!