Samantha and Kristofer

How We Met

We were both working an awful retail job. We worked together almost two years without even socializing. We were both in serious relationships at the time but I thought he was cute so I made jokes to other coworkers that he was my “boyfriend” and I’d marry him someday. We both ended up broken up with, and I was about to quit the retail job. A mutual coworker texted me that he thought I was cute one night so we began texting. I was terrified to date again so he waited around for 6 months until I was ready.

how they asked

My birthday was coming up on December 12. Kris planned a trip to Sedona as a birthday gift. He planned our entire weekend and we went hiking the first morning. I always made jokes that he’s “not allowed to break up with me.” We found an incredible view and he told me I wasn’t allowed to break up with him, then got down on one knee. It took me a minute to realize what was happening and I still can’t wipe the huge grin off my face.

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