Samantha and Kevin

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How We Met

My fiancé & I met in September 2011 at Johnson & Wales University in Charlotte, Nc. Kevin is from New York and I am from Florida. We sort of knew each other through a mutual friend but had never really spoke. On Halloween of 2011 we ran into each other at a night club. We said hello and went our way. About 20 minutes later I get a text from kevin. He went on Facebook to get my number! The next two years were just a college “fling”, nothing serious. Eventually, Kevin moved home in Spring 2013 and I transferred to JWU in Miami where I am from. After a few months of not speaking we rekindled our friendship and by August 2013 we were dating, long distance. After 9 long months of living in two separate states and only getting sort visits we decided to move back to Charloote and get an apartment together the summer of 2014. Fast forward to December 2015 and we found out we were expecting!! And all I could talk about was getting engaged. But Kevin kept me on the edge of my seat waiting.

how they asked

On June 26, 2016 we had maternity photos scheduled. I was 33 weeks pregnant and we were temporarily living in my hometown. On the day of the photo shoot Kevin had a large box in the trunk all wrapped up and wouldn’t tell me what it was. He carried it around the whole location of the shoot. I was clueless. I honestly thought it was the typical ‘It’s a girl’ balloon thing. We were about to wrap up the shoot when our photographer asked Kevin if he was ready to open the box. We bought open it and out comes pink balloons and hidden in the pile was a balloon that read “Will you marry me?” And then he was on one knee! He had emailed the photographer weeks in advance to plan this! Our photographer even brought a second photographer to help capture the moment. The funny part is I had out on baby weight and my hands were swollen so the ring didn’t fit! It was a great day and I have great photos that captured the event.
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Special Thanks

Elizabeth Garay
 | Photographer