Samantha and Kevin

How We Met

In college, he was the president of his fraternity and I was in a sorority. It was my formal and I had to ask a guy to go with me. I have always had a crush on Kevin so I knew I had my chance, and I took it! 3 years later were engaged!

how they asked

Kevin and I had to do distance for a year while I began my graduate school education at a Pharmacy school in NYC. After he helped move me in and hung out with me before school started we decided that our last day before he left back for LA we’d walk through Central Park. We stumbled upon a gazebo that I thought was so beautiful. Jokingly, I told him that when he proposes I hope it’s here. Once Kevin officially moved here after our year of the distance he decided that we should take a walk through Central Park.

Samantha's Proposal in Central park

Once we began walking I saw the rose petals and broke down crying. I knew the best moment of my life was about to happen. It was so magical and so romantic I feel so lucky to know I have a man that loves me so much!