Samantha and Kellen


How We Met

Kellen and I met 6 years ago at one of my cousin’s backyard campfires. My cousin Brandon is also Kellen’s best friend so we give him all the credit for introducing us. As we were sitting around the campfires I couldn’t help but ask Brandon how I could get to know this guy better. That night I told Brandon to please give Kellen my phone number. That same night I got a text message from Kellen wanting to hang out with me again, and 6 years later we are more in love than ever and planning our wedding.

How They Asked

For my 24th birthday, we decided to go to Nashville Tennessee and visit Kellen’s sister Kayla, her husband Mike, and her son Dash. When we arrived in Nashville Kayla had plans for the whole weekend, and everything seemed to be birthday related. I was so excited because my parents, Tony and Cathy had also joined us for the weekend, and so did Kellen’s mom Heather. I was just so happy to have everyone together to celebrate my birthday! We had made plans to go out for a fancier dinner on a Saturday night to celebrate turning 24. Before we left the house we took a few photos and got into the car to drive to the restaurant. We parked on the other side of the river so we could take some nice photos on the walking bridge in downtown Nashville. Kellen and I were walking hand in hand when all of a sudden he stops me to take photos. We all gather around and start taking a bunch of family photos.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Nashville

Then it was our turn to take some photos of just Kellen and I. As we were posing for the photo Kellen turns his head and whispers in my ear, “You know we’re not just here for your birthday…” I immediately fall to my knees and start bawling. It took me a few moments to gather myself, and this whole time Kellen is on one knee asking me to marry him and to be his wife. I said YES and then we celebrated on the bridge with some pretty balloons (that were randomly there) and some delicious champaign. It was the most perfect moment of my whole life. Having my family there was truly the most amazing experience. I just feel like the luckiest woman in the world and I cannot wait to marry this man.

Where to Propose in Nashville