Samantha and Keith

Samantha 's Proposal in Killington, Vermont

How They Asked

The night before the proposal my now fiance told me we needed to leave at 4 am the next day to go pick up a quad in Vermont, I am absolutely not a morning person so I was beyond annoyed about the idea of getting up at the crack of dawn with our daughter who was 4 months old. So I stubbornly was refusing to go on this trip until about 1 am when I decided I would just pack some stuff and go along for the trip to spend time together. We drove around all of in the middle of nowhere in Vermont meanwhile I was wondering where on earth we were going, after breakfast and a few more hours in the car we ended up in Killington Vermont at a hotel where he surprised me and told me we were staying for the weekend which I had been bugging him for a weekend away so I was so excited.

Then after we brought our stuff in and fed the baby we rushed up to the ski lift ride up the road to go to lunch where he had me go stand in line to get tickets while he went back to the car to get his sunglasses. He actually ended up taking the baby back to the car and changing her into a onesie that said mommy will you marry my daddy! So when we go in the ski lift he handed her to me and told me to look at the baby’s new shirt and proposed to me! I was completely speechless I had no idea and was under the impression it was going to be another year before we would even be able to consider getting engaged due to lots Of Financial situations. I am so blessed!

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