Samantha and Keith

how we met

We met while working together. He started buying me lunch here and there and everyone knows the true way to a woman’s heart is through food!

how they asked

Before him and I started dating, I had never been to a concert before! So, as a gift to him, i actually bought us a pair of tickets to see a Mercy Me and Crowder concert together. He really loved the band. We were running super behind due to traffic and were rushing through security to get in, he had to empty his pockets, including the ring, before going through the metal detector. Lucky for him, i have the attention span of a toddler and didnt notice anything. We made it through an amazing concert and i was so thrilled! It was great! As we were rushing back out to try to beat some traffic he dropped to his knee and pulled out the ring. I was in total shock. That was the last thing I was expecting after such an eventful evening! Obviously I said yes!! I dont even remember the walk to the car after that, I was too busy face timing everyone I know!

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