Samantha and Joshua

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How We Met

We could have met on numerous occasions but somehow our paths never crossed. Instead, we left it to today’s generation of social media. We looked to Tinder and luckily, both swiped right! We lived down the street from each other for years, went to the same high school and even the same college for a short time, but never seemed to cross paths.

As our relationship grew so did our love for the outdoors. Tahoe held a special place for us both due to the number of life events it brought our relationship. We officially started dating on a weekend trip up to Tahoe. Josh told me he loved me as we were driving home from the casinos in Tahoe. It seemed that our love story grew most when Lake Tahoe was our backdrop. It seemed very fitting for us to continue our love journey there!

how they asked

Josh and I had talked about getting married some day and our timeline of events. We both saw eye to eye, but Josh loved to tease me. He’d make comments to try and throw me off of what he had been planning since New Years of 2015! This summer, I joined Josh’s family trip to Rio De Janiero where we would watch Josh’s cousin play for the USA Men’s volleyball team in the Olympics. We were all so excited to go and I never really put much thought into Josh proposing. Since he was always making comments such as “I don’t know why you are getting you nails done, I hope you aren’t expecting anything,” I wasn’t thinking that a proposal could possibly happen this trip.

It was Wednesday August 10th and our plan for the day was to hike up Christ the Redeemer. It had been raining all night and we were having second thoughts about the hike. The group decided to go check it out anyways, but the poor weather caused the hiking trail to close. The whole group was already there and so excited to see the statue. We decided to drive up the mountain and take the shuttle bus to the top.

As we got closer to the top of the Christ Redeemer, the weather worsened. The wind was howling, the light sprinkle turned to rain, and the fog made the view only a fraction of what it could have been. Trying to make the most of it, we pulled out our phones to take pictures, but the wind was blowing so hard at the top you had to be careful not to let your phone blow out of your hand and down the mountain. As we took a family picture with the Christ Redeemer behind us the wind suddenly stopped. Josh then asked if just he and I could take a picture. As the family was getting out of the way so we could take our picture a gentlemen pointed to Josh saying his shoe was untied.

I am looking at him like, “okay dude let’s go, tie your shoe and let’s take this picture already. It’s freezing up here!” Little did I know, he untied his shoe ten minutes prior and had been hiding the ring in his shoe for the last four hours. He took his shoe completely off and was trying to get something out. He pulled a tiny velvet pouch out and I then realized he was down on one knee and looked at me with the ring in his hand. I was in complete shock and couldn’t believe what was happening.

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It was so loud with cheers and the wind that I couldn’t even hear what he was saying. It didn’t matter. The look on his face and his bended knee was all I needed to know.

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As we hugged and kissed his whole family was there to share in the most amazing experience. Thinking that there was nothing else to top this moment, Josh tells everyone we are getting married on August 6, 2017. I turned and looked at him and said, “OMG, where are we getting married!?” Little did I know Josh did not only plan the most amazing and memorable proposal, he also booked the venue of my dream wedding. I will never forget that moment for the rest of my life.

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The look on his face after I said yes and the fact that this man – the love of my life – had it all planned out for months; completely fooling me and making me realize how much he truly loves me. He said that the best part was the look on my face – both surprise and utterly shock – was something he would never forget.

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