Samantha and Josh

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How We Met

Flashback to 2012. Josh and I had both started working at the Texas Roadhouse in Ames, Iowa. He was a server, and I was a hostess. According to Josh, he noticed me right away, but thought I was too young for him because I was a hostess. After a few months, I had become a server, and then Josh realized I was older than 18! He would ask me to hang out, and I always had an excuse to not see him ;) I wasn’t interested in him and turned him down multiple times! But finally, I agreed, and we went to dinner at Applebee’s. It was a great night, (even though Josh spilled his drink on me!), and we began dating a few weeks later.

Fast forward to 2016. We are now living in Council Bluffs and both working in Omaha, Nebraska and loving our new home! We’ve added a few new family members (Koda, Rue, Nellie, & Piper) and we can’t wait to start our journey as husband and wife!

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how they asked

Josh was off to work and I had a girls day planned with my friend Lori in downtown Omaha. We met at a breakfast diner, and chatted away about girl stuff. It started raining, but we still walked to our nail appointment where we were getting pedicures. After we were done there, Lori mentioned that her boyfriend was also downtown with his parents in the Passageway Gallery, which is a really cool indoor passageway with a lot of cute shops, and she wanted to go say hi. With no clue, I said of course and we walked there. As soon as I opened the door, I saw my very first friend, Jordan, and that’s when I knew something was going on.

I was so nervous, Lori had to push me through the door! Inside, my family and best friends were all waiting for me, and holding pictures of Josh and I when we were younger up until when we were dating. I walked through and greeted everyone there, crying more and more the further I went, until I reached the top of the steps where Josh was waiting for me.

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Obviously I said yes to marrying my best friend!

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It was such a special day and filled with so many wonderful moments with my family and friends.

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