Samantha and Josh

How We Met

Josh and I met on Tinder in March 2014, just before his 25th birthday. Before meeting him in person, he seemed like a nice guy with a good career – someone who would really treat me to a nice evening. Little did I expect, after 4 hours of conversation and 2 glasses of sangria later, we parted ways with our first kiss. Two days later, I saw him again for date #2. Then the next day was date #3, and date #4, then his birthday party where I met his whole family and his best friends. Since then, we’ve been inseparable. Fast forward two years and we’ve been on countless adventures together; traveling around the country and abroad, buying a house, getting a puppy, and now: planning a wedding and spending our lives together!

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how they asked

One of our first “appearances” together as a couple was at Opening Day for the Detroit Tigers in 2014. Josh is a huge Tigers fan, so it’s a day we take off work every year now and go down to celebrate the return of baseball. This year, we got a hotel room for the day before (Thursday) so we didn’t have to deal with traffic on Opening Day (Friday). We decided to go to a nice dinner in downtown Detroit, and wanted to take a walk afterwards. It started snowing (in April… yay, Michigan!) and we stood by a big fountain and watched the snow in its lights. Josh started saying something about all the things in life that make him happy, and said that I was a big part of that. As he looked me in the eyes telling me how much I’ve changed his life, we both started tearing up. He stopped and said, “No, don’t do that!” We both just started tearing up even more and laughing, then I playfully pushed his shoulder because I knew what was about to happen. He said a few other things, got down on one knee, showed me the ring and asked me to marry him. I instantly started crying and said “are you serious?!” After a few moments of me bawling my eyes out in utter disbelief, I looked at him and said, “Of course.” Now, Opening Day in Detroit will be an even more special day for the both of us for years and years to come.

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