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How We Met

Jordan and I had met through friends, but we were dating other people. He had broken up with his ex girlfriend and a few months later my ex boyfriend and I had broken up. I was spending more time around my friends after my break up and Jordan was always around as he was really close with one of my best friends. We were all hanging out on her patio one night and it was getting cold. I had a blanket on me, but when I got up to use the washroom Jordan stole it! I had asked for it back and he refused, saying I could sit on his lap and share… I said “No, I’m good”.. but wasn’t good I was cold!! I eventually took him up on his offer but was adamant telling him “This doesn’t mean anything”. That weekend my best friend and I took a weekend trip up to Whistler. Jordan was texting her asking if he could come with some friends and stay with us. They ended up coming up for the night. We exchanged numbers as we weren’t all together all night but wanted to connect. We eventually ended up at one of the same bars and Jordan and I danced the night away.. after that we dated for 3 months partially in denial and secrecy as we weren’t sure what would happen. One night Jordan asked me to be his girlfriend making it official, the next day we realized it would make our anniversary June 20th. I razzed him a bit and said if you could of only waited one more day our anniversary would be the 21st! Both our birthdays happen to fall on the 21st of January (mine), and September (his). So that along with “this doesn’t mean anything” has always been a joke between us!

how they asked

Jordan and I are not ones to celebrate our anniversary, usually we have a wedding to attend that weekend or some other plans so we just kind of make that our date night. This year the day before we had gone to Science World with some friends so we called that our date night. When we were at Science World Jordan had told me he had to work overtime the next morning so he wouldn’t be home. I was fine with that, and told him to wake me up when he left so I could start my day early and get some errands done.

The next morning, Jordan left for work without waking me up. At about 10:30am, the phone rang and woke me up- It was Jordan telling me to get up, I whined a bit cause we had a late night the night before and how I wanted to sleep longer but he was adamant that I get out of bed. I thought it was weird but I really didn’t expect much.. I went to the washroom to brush my teeth and wash my face. When I turned on the light I noticed a stack of envelopes sitting on the edge of the bath tub addressed to me! My heart sunk, right then and there I knew that all my plans I had that day would not be happening.

I opened the first letter: Jordan explained to me how he wasn’t really at work but he was at his parents house and would see me later that night. He told me to get ready and a car would be picking me up at 11am to take me to my first of many destinations of the day. I immediately group messaged my girlfriends and told them “it’s happening” and I’d update them along the way! I got ready, the car showed up and took me to my first stop- The Spa, where I got a full body massage and a pedicure. While I was getting my pedicure I was allowed to open my next letter.

Letter #2 had two parts- The first part told me I’d be going to the mall and could call my friends to help me shop for an outfit for the night and to make it fancy! He also had made a make up appointment at Sephora for me to get my make up done. The second part was an envelope full of cash for me to spend how I wish! I messaged my girlfriends and only one could make it to meet me. She helped me shop for an outfit and we got some lunch until she had to go as she had plans that evening with her husband. When she left I opened the next letter.

Letter #3- Jordan had made me a nail appointment with my nail tech Shannon. A Car picked me up and took me to Shannon, where she was waiting for me with the biggest smile. I had called her a week before to get an appointment but she couldn’t get me in for weeks! Little did I know she already had an appointment for me and made a fake one when I called. After my nails were done I opened my next letter.

Letter #4- I was going home, where I could get ready for the night before another car came to get me. I called some friends to see if they would come over and have wine with me while I was getting ready as I was sooooo nervous!! Unfortunately all my friends had plans so no one came over. I got ready for the night and waiting for my car.

When I got in the car, I was told we were heading downtown. I kept trying to guess where we were going but I had no idea. Then Jordan finally messaged me as he was at the restaurant waiting and he told me where I’d be meeting him. I got to Coast in Vancouver at about 9:30 and was showed to the table where Jordan was waiting all dressed up in a nice suit! We ordered wine and appies, had our main course, ordered dessert and more wine… We finished eating around 11:45, the bill came and Jordan had paid.. but he wouldn’t leave.. I was texting my friends saying “I think he’s messing with me, I don’t think it’s going to happen”.. Then the clock struck 12 and he grabbed my hands. He said to me “6 years ago I asked you to be my girlfriend on June 20th, and you never let me live it down that I should have waited a day to make it the 21st. Well, it’s the 21st now and I want to know if you will be my wife” and he pulled out a beautiful ring and I said YES!!

He put the ring on my finger and said “Ok, lets go.. one more surprise for you” I had no idea how he could have anything else up his sleeve…On our way I was trying to message my girlfriends but none of them were answering me. We got to Parlour in Yaletown and I started to assume his friends were down here and it was just a last minute opportunity thing. Nope! We walked in and ALL our closest friends and family were there waiting for us. I immediately burst into tears I was so surprised.

We ended up staying out all night celebrating- it was the perfect end to the perfect day!

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