Samantha and Jonathan

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how they asked

So for about a week, I was told that we were going to dinner for Jonathan’s brother in law’s new job that he had just received. In the time between that, I had no clue that Jonathan has planned to go to my mom and dads house to ask my dad! All the while I had no clue I was actually there while he did it. So Friday night finally comes around for the big new dinner date night to celebrate “ the new job” still I had no clue what was really about to happen. So make our way to Mt. Washington when his sister tells the Uber driver she wants to stop and take pictures. I wasn’t really fond of the idea because it was raining and I didn’t want to mess up my hair and I, really hungry was making room for our fancy dinner. We get to Mt. Washington and both of his sisters take their picture, then they tell us that it’s our turn we take one and they tell us it wasn’t good so we take another one and then I finally realized what was happening I WAS GETTING ENGAGED! The only thing I could think and say was “is this real?” And “are you sure?” They had to ask me if I had said yes and I finally did once I realized it is real and this is actually happening! After all most 8 years together I finally get to marry my high school sweetheart!

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Special Thanks

Sarah Rubosky
 | Planning
Rebecca Hawkins
 | Planning