Samantha and Jonathan

How We Met

It was Presidents Day weekend in 2012 when we met. We were Juniors at 2 different high schools in our town. My girlfriends had wanted us to meet much earlier than that February as they told me multiple times this guy was totally my type. With unfortunate timing, I met him when he was in a relationship. It was a house party that we were going to meet for the first time. Funny enough, right before I was about to meet him for the first time, I had tripped and fallen down the stairs. As I’m sitting at the bottom of the flight of stairs, here comes this absolutely handsome boy walking right past me and paying me no mind. My first words were “Hi, I’m Sammie. I just fell down the stairs!” His response was.. “hi,” and he just walked on by (understandable since he was in a relationship). A week had past and I saw him the following Saturday at the mall with some friends. We all exchanged numbers and talked about hanging out again as the weekend before was so much fun. Fast forward two days, I walked into class Monday morning with the best news ever. My best friend got word that Jon and his girlfriend broke up. She told me specifically not to talk to him right away and to give him time, but I didn’t listen. My determined self texted him that day telling him how sorry I was about his break up and if he needed anything to let me know. He ended up calling me that night telling me how upset he was and I suggested we hangout the next day. We did and then we hung out the next day then the next day. We were talking every day and I knew my friends were right. He was 100% my type and I knew I needed him in my life. And that was the start of our journey with him knowing very little about my sneaky attack to make him my boyfriend. He followed the plan very well ;) We are high school sweethearts and will be together for 8 years this coming April.

How They Asked

My friend Rebecca asked me if Jon and I would be interested in a couple’s photo shoot so she could build her photography portfolio. I immediately said yes so we planned a day. I had to reschedule, but little did I know the rescheduling was actually being done behind my back between Jon and Rebecca. So I picked a new day and they were still in cahoots the entire time. On the day of the photoshoot, Jon was acting completely normal. The only abnormal thing was that he was excited to go (he hates pictures) but I didn’t think anything super weird about it… if anything it was getting me more excited that he was excited. So we picked Hoboken for the photos. Jon went to college there, so we spent 5 years of our relationship in Hoboken. We took photos in places that we spent a lot of our time. One location was a gorgeous view of the skyline of NYC from his school that we always used to go to, sit and look at the view. Another location was a park we always walked through and the last location was a pier. It was soo cold, but the sun was shining so bright and it was just perfect. We walked out to the end of the pier and Rebecca asked us both to look out at the Empire State Building, so we did.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Hoboken, NJ

I didn’t feel Jon move at all and all I heard was “Sammie..” and I turned around and there was the love of my life on his knee and just simply asked, “Will you Marry me?” I was in such shock because I never get surprised. I’ve never had a surprise party, I’m too nosey and I plan my own stuff so it’s nearly impossible to surprise me. I was SHOCKED and I said “Hell Yeah!” after asking “are you kidding, is this real?” I was so happy. Then I heard screaming from a pier parallel to ours. It was our family who had watched the whole thing from that other pier with binoculars.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Hoboken, NJ

They walked over and my mom had given us balloons. One said “she said yes” and another said, “Look, Daddy, I said Yes.” That’s when it hit me. My dad has passed away the year Jon and I had met. They only met one time, but I know he would have loved Jon. We set the balloon up and everything felt real. Jon then surprised even more (which I never knew could be possible) by having all our friends at a bar in Hoboken waiting for us. It was the PERFECT day and I cannot wait to marry this man!!

Special Thanks

 | Photographer and planner!!