Samantha and John

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Terwillegar Park footbridge

How We Met

We celebrated 3 years dating on August 22 but he proposed the NEXT day at one of our favorite places to walk, Terwillegar Park here in Edmonton on the footbridge Friday evening in the rain.

How They Asked

Our anniversary night was lovely. I felt elegant, we dressed up, of course, went for dinner, then for another glass of wine to another beautiful place and then spontaneously walked over to one of our other favorite hangouts and danced for a solid hour!

I honestly felt super confident that he would have used one of those THREE opportunities to ask me !! Although our 3 years together has been absolutely amazing, as the giddy women I was slightly disappointed I wasn’t asked that night hahaha, though our time together has been amazing, our dating anniversary was gorgeous and fun in every way…

The next day in the early afternoon he called from work suggesting we go for a walk once he gets home later. The idea seemed slightly odd- only because we typically do really long walks on Saturdays and Sundays, and maybe the occasional neighborhood walk during the week and this seemed a bit spontaneous an idea.

It was raining once we left the house and the whole time we walked but that’s ok for both of us! Coming from BC, my element is the wet west coast. The trails were quiet, hardly anyone else was out there in the rain on a Friday evening.

we got to the footbridge, walked to one end and stopped in the middle on the way back and overlooked the river, the sound of rain overhead on the awnings and the trees along the banks were absolutely breathtaking in my opinion. The whole ambiance was soothing. Quiet, calm, humid and a bit of fog covered the tree line.

We lingered longer than I expected though…and he was acting slightly nervous and watched if anyone was coming either way on the bridge. Then he started crying a bit, reminding me how special I am to him and how excited he was for the US. He picked up my right hand and I half giggled and said “nnno…this hand…” and I lifted up my left hand for him and we both laughed. I was completely in the moment and the quietness of our surroundings immersed both of us right then and there.

Where to Propose in Terwillegar Park footbridge

I said “YES” and we stayed there a bit longer before walking hand in hand back to the car. It was a pleasant surprise and though we were dressed up the day before, out there in the rain in our hiking gear that night actually was more perfect.

Proposal Ideas Terwillegar Park footbridge

John and I met in person on August 22, 2016, after meeting online a month prior. He is from Alberta and I’m from Vancouver Island. THAT in itself was funny for both of us. I ended up moving to Alberta by the Fall of 2016 with resumes flinging to gyms and studios as I’m a yoga teacher. I moved for him since he has 2 boys.

Our near future plan is to move to BC permanently and make our way to Tofino for life. Our wedding plan is for next year in Tofino.