Samantha and Jesse

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How We Met

Jesse and I met through my sister, who actually sent me a video of him singing and dancing at a friend’s wedding. We quickly realized that we both worked for the same healthcare system in NY and actually worked across the street from each other! We bonded over our love for baseball, despite our teams being bitter rivals, our love for traveling, and most importantly, our love for food. I moved in to his apartment two weeks before the lockdown started in our state, and everyone joked that if we survived that, we could handle anything as a couple! He truly is my partner in life and our minds are so in sync now, we often crack up laughing when one says something the other was thinking.

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How They Asked

Since the pandemic hit, we were always looking for ways to have fun on our days off, while still staying safe. I actually planned the date and suggested visiting Top of the Rock, which neither of us had ever done, and then going to see the tree in Rockefeller Center. We walked around the different levels and were taking pictures of the amazing views. At one point, I went to capture the sunset and Jesse encouraged me to keep taking pictures to make sure I got a “good one.” Unbeknownst to me, he had gone behind me and gotten down on one knee.

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He called my name and I turned around, immediately crying when I saw him. Because of my shock and excitement, I actually remember very little of what was said, but I remember him saying “what better way to close out such a tough year and start the next year on an amazing note.” Of course, I said YES and as we were embracing, other visitors started clapping. We had been so caught in the moment, we totally forgot other people were there!

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Then, a gentleman and his daughter came over to us and congratulated us. He shared that they had captured the entire proposal and wanted to share their pictures with us! I was ecstatic because I always hoped that my proposal would be captured, so I can look back and have the memories forever to share. We were so grateful to these total strangers who went above and beyond to make that moment even more special than it already was. I truly could never have dreamt of such a romantic proposal and still get butterflies when I look back on the pictures from that day.

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