Samantha and Javier

How We Met

Four years ago I had just moved in by myself for the first time, I thought I should join some kind of social sports league to meet more people and get out of my apartment every now and then. I figured, worst case scenario I go to one game and don’t have to go back. Our first game was a scrimmage and it was fun, people on the team were nice, and luckily I liked it so I came back for our first soccer game. I got there a little early and sat in the bleachers talking to a girl who I had met at the scrimmage. Our team all wore yellow shirts, so we’d all know who was on our team. About 5 minutes before the game starts Javier walks in wearing his yellow shirt, he sees us and says Hi. He was not at the scrimmage so this was the first time I met him. I said a quick hi but then went back to talking with the girl. I was very shy and nervous and didn’t know what to say to him. He was a little thrown off by the abrupt hi and nothing else so he thought maybe I didn’t like him! It wasn’t for 3 more games before we really got a chance to talk and become friends. The more we got to know each other the more we fell for each other. Then Javier asked me out on our first date, and the rest is history!

how they asked

On the 27th of May Javier surprised me with the most thoughtful proposal. We woke up early on Saturday and went to brunch in the financial district at The Dubliner, the same place where we became an official couple. Then on our subway ride home he pretended he had to go back to the office, but told me when I got back to our apartment to look behind the tissue box in our guest room, he only gave me that hint because I told him I was going to take a nap once I got home! Once I was in the apartment I found a yellow envelope, I opened it up and inside there was a card that on one side said “The Amazing Date” and then on the other said “Welcome to the Amazing Date!

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Fortunately for you, Javier has chosen you as his partner to play this game. Not so, fortunately, you will have to do this challenge on your own. The Rules are simple, follow directions and clues to take you to the next destination, take your time, this is not a race, It’s a date! Have fun!”. The next clues led me to some of our favorite places around our neighborhood. The first one led me to the nail salon I frequent and he had pre-paid for a mani-pedi for me. He had arranged for one of my good friends to meet me there and he even gave the nail ladies a dress and shoes for me to change into and mini bottles of Prosecco for me and my friend to enjoy!

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The next clue led me to our favorite coffee shop, Downtown Uptown, where two of my other good friends were waiting. Then the barista gave me my next clue with a sunflower, my favorite flower. I walked outside and an uber was there waiting for me. It took me to Carl Shultz Park. I found a mini treasure chest in between the two staircases and used the mini key that was in the clue envelope to open it. Inside was another clue that told me to close my eyes and spin around three times when I opened my eyes Javier was there in a suit.

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He said how he couldn’t wait to grow old with me, threw in some of our inside jokes, and then got down on one knee and proposed. My friends who were at each place I went to were hiding and sneakily took pictures of us. It was the most thoughtful and special proposal and better than anything I could have dreamed!

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