Samantha and Jamie

downtownNot long after both of us leaving our hometowns (separately) for a fresh start in the Chicagoland area, we met by chance through mutual friends.

I was working as a waitress for a local restaurant and Jamie used to frequent with one of his best friends. Since the first time we met I was mesmerized by his eyes and couldn’t help but have a little crush on him. Over the following couple years we crossed paths many times through the same group of friends and always struck up a mild flirtation; but unfortunately every time we would see each other, one of us was seeing someone else, so we remained friends.

Finally, in the summer of 2010 our paths crossed again and we were both single! At this time, we exchanged numbers and started to get together every now and then throughout the summer.

Come December we decided to become exclusive. By that point I was ecstatic that I was finally exclusively dating the man I had had a crush on for the past couple years! From here on we have remained strong and true to each other, our relationship only growing! Just like any relationship we have gone through our ups and downs and disagreements, but now have only learned from our mistakes and have continued to grow stronger together. It will now be 4 years since we first started dating and we have lived together for the past 3 years, and only to continue our journey together on all of our adventures to follow!

Over the past 4 years we have had to find a balance with our schedules. With me working in the service industry and Jamie working in the landscaping industry and snow removal in the winter our schedules are always changing and often make it hard for us to make time for each other. One thing we have always promised each other is that we will take one day a week to just spend time together; which happens to be Sundays. This Summer, Jamie has started with a new company in a new position and his hours have pretty much doubled; which has made it even harder to spend time together. However, we still have our Sundays (thank god)! So this past Sunday, we decided to go shopping in downtown Naperville. have a relaxing lunch, and then go out to dinner to one of our favorite restaurants, also the restaurant he took us to for our first date, The Turf Room in North Aurora. We had a nice, relaxing day, easy lunch, a fun time shopping together in downtown Naperville and had ample time to get ready for our date night! We got to the restaurant and they sat us way in the back, so we were literally away from everyone in the restaurant (very romantic)! We ordered some martinis (which the restaurant is known for) and decided to try some new dishes instead of the same dishes we usually order when we eat here. Before the food came out, Jamie went to the bathroom (but really to the car) to get a card he had gotten me earlier that day (and the ring). The card was perfect and got me tearing up already. Our dishes came out very quickly and his was delicious; mine was a little below average, and Jamie was kind enough to switch with me, but we did both end the meal full and happy, as always! After dinner Jamie suggested we order dessert (which we don’t normally do) and I was all for the idea! After we ordered dessert the waiter came back very quickly with a plate that he sat down directly in front of me. On the plate was some grilled and fresh fruit at the top and the words “Will you?” written in chocolate syrup at the bottom, and just as quickly Jamie got up from the table, got down on one knee and proposed right then and there, as I also saw camera flashes that seemed to come from every angle!


I was completely stunned and blown away by the whole thing and after I realized it was not a joke and that this was really happening, I of course answered “YES, OF COURSE I WILL MARRY YOU!!” After answering his question, he then pointed out that he had hired our friend, Tim, to photograph the whole thing! So now I got to share one of the best moments in our life with our friends Tim and Veronica while they captured the whole moment on camera! I am so excited and could not be any happier than I am today! The whole thing still takes my breath away!