Samantha and Ilija

how they asked

It was the morning of my birthday and we made plans to take the famous road to Hana. On our way, Ilija had suggested we stop at the “Garden of Eden Arboretum” where we saw beautiful old trees, all sorts of tropical flowers and plants. That’s when everything began. We stopped at this majestic waterfall where two smaller ones join into a larger waterfall. Ilija is all about symbolism so he explained that he wanted us to take a moment and reflect on how the two waterfalls are joined and that in the garden of eden is the start of life. He explained it was the start of a new journey for us, a new beginning of life.

Image 1 of Samantha and Ilija

He reached into his backpack, got down on one knee and explained that he’s gone through the last 32 years without someone like me in his life and he didn’t want to waste another day without knowing I’d say yes to be his wife. It was so romantic! He teared up and I was balling! It was such a beautiful day and the best part is that our families were in on it the whole time waiting to hear the good news!

Image 2 of Samantha and Ilija