Samantha and Ian

How We Met

Ian and I were friends throughout high school, but it wasn’t until the end of senior year that a sparks went off. Our first kiss was outside of a house party on May 31, 2008. I remember the date because we were celebrating his birthday in our friends backyard. Even though it was his birthday celebration, he offered to come with me to drive one of our friends home who wasn’t feeling well. When we got back to the party, we were talking on the driveway and all of a sudden the kiss just kind of happened. Fast forward that kiss a couple of months to July 15, 2008, which is the day I officially became his girlfriend. That was 10 years ago – and we have been inseparable ever since.

This is a photo of us from that night (thank god for digital cameras and Facebook).

Samantha and Ian's Engagement in South Street Seaport, NYC

how they asked

The few weeks leading up to Christmas is always a crazy time for me at work. Clients and teams are trying to wrap everything off before taking off for the holidays, and our vendors are looking to take us out to thank us for a great year. Tuesday, December 19th was one of the few nights I had nothing planned when Ian sprung an unexpected work dinner on my calendar. He said his boss was in from Charlottesville and wanted to take the team out for the holidays, and because of the late notice they could bring their spouses. Although I was frustrated because that meant I had to be out multiple nights in a row, I of course wasn’t going to miss it.

The plan was to meet Ian and his coworkers at their building, and head over to dinner. I of course was running late (as usual) so by the time I made it downtown Ian said that his coworkers went ahead to the bar before dinner and we would meet them there. To get to our destination we had to pass through the Southstreet Seaport which is one of our favorite places in NYC during the holidays – they have the most beautiful Christmas tree. We hadn’t made it there yet that year, so Ian suggested we make a pit stop at the tree on the way. We had a 10 minute walk ahead of us where we just talked about our day, and everything seemed so normal – for me at least!

Once we made it to the tree, we were lingering for a few minutes until I interrupted “shouldn’t we head to the dinner!” That’s when Ian grabbed my arm and the best moment of my life took place. He told me we weren’t going to dinner with his co-workers and that this was the moment we have both been waiting for, for a long time.

After a lot of staring at the ring, kisses and hugs, Ian waved over the photographer who captured our favorite moment. After a few more photos, Ian allotted time afterwards to Facetime and call all of our family and friends (who were all waiting patiently by their phones waiting for us to call) before dinner at one of favorite Italian restaurants!

His proposal was truly the best I could have ever imagined – during our favorite time of year, in front of the tree we both love, and just a night planned for the two of us to soak it all in before celebrating with all of our family and friends in the following days and weeks to come.

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Samantha's Proposal in South Street Seaport, NYC

On June 21,2019 we will get married in New Jersey, just a month before our 11th Year Anniversary.

Special Thanks

Sam Joseph
 | Photographer