Samantha and Holden

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How We Met

The story of Holden and I could have actually started much earlier. We both worked at a popular “hole in the wall” restaurant in Lexington, KY called Charlie Browns’ back in college. Holden had gotten hired at the restaurant the exact same week that I had quit! We didn’t meet until many months later through mutual friends. I remember the first night I met him, he dragged me onto the dance floor when no one else was even dancing! He had me laughing all night and we already felt like old friends. After that initial meeting, we always would see each other out but nothing ever happened.

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It wasn’t until a year later when Holden and I were placed in the same summer class (with only 4 other students in it) that we ended up getting together. On the first day of class, Holden offered me a ride home and the rest is history! Holden and I were inseparable for the rest of that summer and in August when it came time for him to move home to Chicago we didn’t want to part, so he stayed in Lexington with me for another semester. It was when he made this decision that he knew we had something special and real.

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how they asked

As a little girl, I grew up vacationing in Florida and dreamed of one day living the beach lifestyle. Holden took my dream and made it a reality when he applied for a transfer at work so that we could live at my childhood vacation spot of Sarasota, Florida. After being together for three years and making this big move with one another, I knew an even bigger kind of commitment was coming. We had discussed getting married and both looked forward to starting a family together as soon as possible! On a beautiful Sunday afternoon on May 1st, Holden asked me if I would like to go to Venice Beach with him and take a walk.

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I knew something was fishy when I asked him if I should wear my bathing suit and he said no, but I wanted to play along with his surprise. Once we got to the beach, Holden and I took a long walk hand in hand and we talked about all of the things that we had been through together and all of the exciting things we had to look forward to in the future. By the end of our long walk, we ended up on the pier, where Holden very sweetly got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife. Of course, I said yes! Holden’s proposal to me was very personal and I can’t imagine a more beautiful location!

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We did not see the point in having a long engagement and couldn’t wait to begin our lives together as husband and wife! We were married at an intimate beach front ceremony with our family and closest friends only three months later!

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