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In January we traveled to Dubai with a group of our closest friends to celebrate the New Year. With all our celebrations and continuous sightseeing I definitely did not expect what was coming next….

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On January 3rd we all got dressed and ready to go to visit the Dubai Miracle Garden. My friends insisted that we all dress up really nice because we were hiring a photographer to follow us around. That didn’t seem suspicious to me since everyone on the trip was really into taking glamorous photos.

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Early that morning my boyfriend Henry (Now Fiancé) had left early with some friends to get the car rental “fixed” and was meeting us in the garden later on. Little did I know, they were actually out planning and preparing for a huge surprise. Once my friends and I arrived at the garden we were amazed by the beautiful flowers throughout the garden. Henry was STILL nowhere to be found but we decided to just continue to tour the garden. As we were walking towards a section of the garden my soon to be sister-in-law pulled me up to the front. As we walked towards a private section of the garden, I saw Henry standing there on stage with a single rose, a gigantic flower wall, and balloons that spelled out “Will you marry me?”

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I was in absolute shock as I walked up on the stage towards my future husband, eyes full of joyful tears. After the proposal we were given a private tour of the garden and then went to dinner at The Farm Restaurant, Al Barari to celebrate. It was absolutely the perfect proposal and everything that I could have possibly asked for!

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