Samantha and Frederick

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How We Met

We first met in August of 2006. I was 16, and he was 15. Even though his first name is Frederick, he introduced himself to me as Eric, since that’s what his family calls him. To this day, I cringe when people call him Fred around me. :)

We we’re both on vacation with our families in Branson, Missouri. Our moms were acquaintances from the Metra, but didn’t plan to go on vacation at the same place and same time. We hung out a few times at the resort, and exchanged numbers when it came time for me to leave. I think we both had pay-as-you-go phones at the time, so we made sure to use up every last character in our texts.

We saw each other in the halls of our high school, but didn’t officially hang out again until December of that year. He asked me to be his girlfriend in January of 2007, and as they say, the rest is history. :)

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how they asked

We decided to go to Park City, Utah during my spring break (I’m a teacher). At this point, we had been dating a full decade, so I knew the proposal was coming soon. He went ahead of me on one of the runs, and when I caught up to him, he was sitting in the snow. I went over to where he was, and he proposed!

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