Samantha and Eric

Samantha and Eric's Engagement in Brigantine Beach, New Jersey

How We Met

We met in high school where we casually dated, it didn’t turn into much. Years later we ran into each other at a bowling alley and we have been inseparable since!

how they asked

We were on vacation with my family, a spot we go to every year. Eric knew he wanted my parents around for the engagement. We went to the beach after hours to have some drinks with my parents and sister. He asked to go for a walk down the beach, where I noticed a photographer but said “oh look shes photographing the sunset.” We walked a little further when he began to say I can’t wait for you me and layla (our dog) he got down on one knee and asked me! He then explained that the photographer was there for us. MY family got to witness the whole proposal!

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Special Thanks

Nikki Edison